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Mas Fogonussa disposa de tot lo necessari per pasar uns dies diferents en un entorn rural únic. The situation of the house and its facilities allow you to make a variety of plans for all tastes that will make you spend unforgettable time enjoying the landscape, culture, art and tradition.

Imatge amb les vinyes i la casa de fons

A valley in the middle of nature

Our house is in the Corb Valley. It comprises almost twenty villages in the counties of Urgell and Conca de Barberà, and is named after the river that crosses the valley, among olive trees, orchards, vineyards, almonds.

During all the seasons of the year, the Valley offers a multitude of smells, colors and unique sensations. For example, in spring we see a flowered, lively landscape when poppies and rose bushes blossom and almond trees are in full bloom. In winter the valley gives us frozen landscapes, chimneys that allow the fireplaces to work hard and villages full of living nativity scenes. And at the end of summer and autumn the valley presents us with a unique environment of vineyards filled with grapes of various varieties that you can observe very closely from anywhere in our country.

The magic corners that surround us ...

Walking in the Vall del Corb is a real pleasure. Get lost in the narrow and steep streets of Nalec (just 8 km away), the Omells de Gaia (about 13 km away) or Rocafort de Vallbona (less than 6 km away).
Discovering the history and the memories that still conserve the buildings and the houses are escaping of the most enriching.

Imatge del santuari de la bovera
Imatge del ermita san roc amb el capvespre de fons

Enjoy the magnificent landscape offered by the highest spaces, such as the Bovera de Guimerà Sanctuary or the Tallat de Rocallaura Sanctuary, from where
Es divisa una meravellosa panoràmica del territori Cister u spot fer comprendre millor quines són les característiques de l’nostre territori.

Discovering the heritage of popular architecture with the vault huts of Vallbona and the Omells de na Gaia or the flour mills of Maldà or Ciutadilla will allow you to delve into the history and our ancestors.

Imatge del monasteri de santa maria de vallbona

And also, "The Cistercian Route!"

The Valley of the Corb is part of the Cistercian Route and has witnessed the passage of time, the transformation of the landscape, the history and its

The Monastery of Santa Maria de Vallbona (just 9 km away) is the most important Cistercian monastery in Catalonia with more than 850 years of history. They offer guided tours that we encourage you to do, as they allow you to discover the Cistercian art that is characterized by its fidelity to the rule of Sant Benet.

Other proposals: relaxation, sport and routes in the Castles

Relax and indulge in the hot springs of the Rocallaura Spas (10 km away) and Vallfogona de Riucorb (15 km away) is a great opportunity to disconnect and recharge your batteries.

Practicing Golf Pitch & Putt in Bellpuig or mountain biking in the Valley are highly recommended options for those who want to discover the incredible Valley of Health in a healthy way around us.

Traveling in the Middle Ages to find out how the knights, barons or countesses lived in the castles of Guimerà, Ciutadilla, Verdú, Montfalcó Murallat or Santa Coloma de Queralt, can also be a plan for everyone.

Spa del balneari de Rocallaura
Taula plena de productes tipics de lleida; vi, coca de recapte, oli, turró, caragols, llonganissa,etc


And, of course, savor the gastronomic products of the area, such as extra virgin Arbequina olive oil, wines with DO Costers del Segre and accompany a good meal with cold cuts and homemade cheeses, recoca coca, nuts or Farmer’s bread baked in a wood-fired oven is a pleasure for the senses that you must not miss.


In addition, taking advantage of the stay to enjoy the party, the tradition and the popular culture at the fairs and activities that take place in the valley and the surroundings, is a splendid occasion to spend laughing with family or friends. Among other parties we recommend:

June and July:
• Festes del Segar i del Batre a La Fuliola.
• Mercat medieval de Guimerà.

• Fira del Teatre al Carrer de Tárrega.

• Fira del Torró i de la Xocolata a la Pedra de Agramunt.
• Fira de la verema i el vi de Verdú.

Fira de l’Oli de Belianes.

Surtit de turrons tipics de lleida; d'ametlla, de crema, de chocolata i molts més